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The Plugins page in WordPress dashboard can get crowded over time.

This plugin enables you to add notes to any plugin (active or disabled) to help you keep track of all the different plugins that you gather over the years.

Note editor uses the default WordPress editor so you should be familiar with the interface and you can change the background color to indicate how important the note is.



This plugin also adds a new column to the plugins table, showing compatibility for each plugin.

It checks for WordPress, WooCommerce and PHP requirements.

The information is gathered from the plugins readme.txt file to make sure the information is as accurate as possible.

Compatibility table is color coded so you instantly know the status of your plugins.



  • Compatibility table showing WordPress, WooCommerce and PHP requirements
  • Add notes to plugins to keep track
  • Change notes background color
  • Responsive
  • Lighweight



You can install the plugin automatically via you WP dashboard (Plugins -> Add New) or manually via FTP. Check the documentation for more information.

That is because some plugin developers do not include a full version number in the readme.txt file of their plugin. WP Plugin Helper gets that information straight from the readme.txt file and not from wordpress.org website. If the difference is only in the last number of the version (for example 4.9 on local site and 4.9.6 on wordpress.org) there should be no reason to worry as the change should be backwards compatible. For more information about semantic versioning check this link.


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